Mobility Language Literacy in Cape Town, January 19th-21st

I fought very hard, but in the end my colleagues persuaded me that I really had to swap the gloom of Bristol in January for sunny Cape Town… I’m very happy that they did, and not just for entirely selfish, vitamin D-related reasons. We have a fair idea of what conferences that we attend regularly, like AAAL, are going to be like: how many books we’ll sell, who will be there etc. But one-off conferences in places we don’t visit very often are very difficult to predict. I was the only publisher at the conference, which always helps in terms of book sales, but in my 6 years of attending conferences I’ve never sold every book I have with me during the coffee break on the first morning before. Things carried on in the same vein for the rest of the conference, which left me very little time to admire the view from my table…

And another first at this conference: I’ve never had one of these visiting the stand before…

It was very nice to meet lots of new and eager book buyers and potential authors. And although conference attendees are generally very enthusiastic about our books, it’s really exciting to go somewhere once in a while where people literally can’t get enough of them. It’s a useful reminder that we don’t publish books into a void. I attended lots of very interesting sessions, and even managed to squeeze in a day for sight-seeing after the conference. So anyone hosting an interesting conference somewhere sunny in the next couple of months is very welcome to get in touch!


2 thoughts on “Mobility Language Literacy in Cape Town, January 19th-21st

  1. The colour of the sky in Cape Town was not dissimilar to that which we had in Bristol, only the temperatures made us in the UK so envious!

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