CAUTHE 2011, 8th-11th February

Another February, another CAUTHE conference to look forward to – and this one didn’t disappoint. Thanks to the lovely Jenny Davies and her colleagues and helpers at UniSA, Channel View had a very successful conference. It was great to catch up with a lot of existing and potential authors, especially people we don’t get to see at any other conferences through the year. This year we were launching Larry Dwyer, Peter Forsyth and Wayne Dwyer’s new textbook, Tourism Economics and Policy (click here for details). The launch went very well (with a little help from John Tribe!), we sold many copies of the book and am now convinced that if Larry and John ever want to quit academia they could make some money taking a comedy routine on the road.

UniSA did a great job hosting and showing off Adelaide – I’m thinking that holding sessions at wineries should become a regular practice at conferences around the world! There were some really great papers throughout and it was nice to have a chance to get to a few of them, not sure I’ve ever been busier at a conference with so many papers to choose from and sales and ideas for news books. The conference dinner at Adelaide Zoo was a really fun evening, there was much excitement about the pandas, Wang Wang and Funi – think this one is Wang Wang but not entirely sure…

And though the dinner/dancing was equally as fun, still trying to block out my attempted air guitar to the Bon Jovi medley. Channel View can’t wait until Melbourne!

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