Channel View Crawlers

It’s been over a month since we last posted on our blog, but don’t worry, apart from the excitement of the Royal Wedding, we do have a good excuse for it!  Tommi, Sarah and Laura have all been busy training for the Bristol 10km run which took place yesterday.  The 10km run is an annual event here in Bristol and on one cold day in February Anna convinced us it would be a good idea to enter into the business section as the “Channel View Crawlers”.  Sarah was away at the CAUTHE conference in Australia, so imagine her surprise when she received an email to say that she’d been entered!

Having munched our way across much of America at conferences this spring we were feeling a little lethargic so Sarah proposed a training session after work last week.  Here is a photo of us in the office before we headed out.  Don’t we look athletic?!

Tommi, Sarah and Laura in training

The big day dawned and we excitedly/nervously made our way to the start line.  The professional runners start at the front of the pack, with the rest of us, around 10,000 entrants, behind.  Because of the way they filter the runners through, the winner of the race had actually finished before we even crossed the start line!  We all enjoyed the run, especially having Ellie and Tommi’s parents, Mike and Marjukka, on the sidelines cheering us on and distracting us from the pain of the race itself!

We are all really pleased with our results, Tommi stormed in first with an excellent time of 52 minutes, Laura and Sarah followed, both with personal bests.  Mike and Marjukka met us at the finish and took this photo of three rather tired but happy runners!  Now we just have to decide whether to enter the half marathon in September…watch this space!

Tired but happy!

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