ISB8 in Oslo

We look forward to ISB every two years: it’s one of our busiest conferences, both in terms of book sales and the number of our authors/editors/customers who attend. This year was no exception and we were kept very busy for all four days of the conference. New books by Pavlenko, Hélot and Ó Laoire, and Chimbutane were especially popular.

Oslo is a beautiful city, and once I’d recovered from the shock of paying £20 for a sandwich and  a drink, I really enjoyed looking round.   Particularly memorable was the conference reception in Oslo city hall, which is a distinctive piece of architecture to say the least. Oslo City Hall is where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year, and realising that this was likely to be the closest I ever got to the prize, Tommi very kindly recorded the moment for posterity. I’m not sure I managed to convey the appropriate gravitas, but never mind…

ISB9 will be held in Singapore in 2013, and it’s already in our diary…

One thought on “ISB8 in Oslo

  1. Hi girls! That was great to meet you at Tourism Surrey Confence last month; and the books of Channel View are very, very interesting. Congratulations and continue the good work!
    See you.
    Alexandre Panosso Netto, from São Paulo, Brazil.

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