Advancing the Social Science of Tourism

Ellie and I had a good time catching up with many of our authors and meeting lots of other lovely people at the Advancing the Social Science of Tourism conference held at the University of Surrey a couple of weeks ago. Guildford is a very nice place to have to spend a few days and Lauren and her team and everyone else at Surrey put on a great conference.

We were kept busy at the stand, especially popular titles included Dwyer et al and Tribe (though we were disappointed to miss the Larry & John Comedy Show: Part 2 (see previous post)  but everyone else seemed to enjoy it lots) and Baggio & Klobas and Andrews. We managed to get to a few presentations though it was very hard to choose from so many interesting papers on offer!

Sarah in deep conversation with an invisible friend

We felt it was our duty as good publishers to stay till the very end of the gala dinner and dancing – much fun was had by all and there were still many fresh faces to be found at the conference the next morning! We’re now waiting for the video (for lovely conference pictures see the School of Management’s Facebook page) that was shown at the closing of the conference to be put online – brilliant viewing and an excellent way to finish!

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