Multilingual Matters Award for Multilingualism in the Community

Channel View Publications is delighted to announce the 2012 Multilingual Matters Award to support multilingualism in families, schools and communities. We will be awarding £2000 to a group or individual that needs financial support in setting up and running a project to promote and develop multilingualism. This may be a website, a newsletter, school or playgroup, or something else entirely, and can be based anywhere in the world.

We are now accepting applications for the 2012 award, which will be awarded in December 2011. All you need to do is fill out the Multilingual Matters Award entry form and send it to by 31st October 2011.

The only condition is that your proposal must primarily be about languages and language use.

For information on the 2011 award winner Corey Heller please see her post about her plans for the money.

If you have any questions about the award please get in touch at We look forward to receiving your entry!

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