Congratulations Maria, L3 student paper prize winner

Maria Tymczyńska

At the recent L3 conference we sponsored the best student paper prize and the winner was Maria Tymczyńska from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. Her prize was £100 worth of our books which she will be receiving shortly.

Here she explains in some depth what her paper is about:

“The paper is an empirical study aimed at investigating lexicosemantic processing in trilingual speakers having conference interpreting (CI) experience using online psycholinguistic research methods. E-Prime is used to examine the nature of lexical processing of single words in the translation performance of twelve professional conference interpreters (PRO), twelve conference interpreting trainees (CIS), and a control group of fourteen non-interpreting trilingual speakers (TRI), all with the following language combination: Polish (A/L1), English (B/L2), German (C/L3). Two models of cognitive organisation in case of trilingual speakers have been developed, including those with and without CI experience.”

We wish Maria all the best with her future research and hope that one day perhaps we will be publishing her work!

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