Another Frankfurt finished…

The new and improved CV/MM stand!

We’ve all now just about managed to recover from our Frankfurt adventures last week! And Martisse did a sterling job in holding down the fort while the rest of us were away! We had a much bigger stand this year to show off our amazing books.

Our Language of the Month activities came in very handy, especially while eating out and we had great pleasure in sampling the Apfelwein, Palatschinken and different kinds of amazing Schnitzel with the great Grünesauce. Frankfurter sausages were a must for lunch at the Messe – which was a well-earned break from the many meetings each day.

A happy Laura

It was great to catch up with our sales reps, ebook partners and other suppliers, and hear about the latest developments with all of them. It was also fun to catch up with a lot of other publishers, including our friends at John Benjamins and Policy Press.

Dinner with Policy Press

It was a very successful and fun fair this year for Channel View and we’re already looking forward to next year’s meeting and eating!

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