Animals in clothes and other excitement at the IPG Autumn Seminar!

Yesterday Tommi and I headed up to London for the Annual IPG Autumn Seminar, which is an excellent opportunity for us to keep in touch with other independent publishers and the industry.  The day consisted of 8 short talks covering many aspects of publishing, some relevant to our area of publishing, some not so, but all were thought-provoking.

Bear in clothes

We especially enjoyed the talk on selling rights abroad.  Firstly, it was highly relevant to us as we’re always interested in working with publishers around the world to make our books as accessible as possible.  Secondly, it was a very entertaining talk as the speaker regaled us with tales of trying to sell books to inappropriate markets: apparently Italians aren’t interested in cooking with a wok; wine and olive oil were unpopular with Finns 15 years ago and Danish publishers don’t like children’s books with clothed animals!

Throughout the day there were plenty of opportunities for asking questions to the speakers and networking with other publishers, who vary greatly in size and area of publishing.  Our size means that we sit nicely between the big publishers and the very small.  This means that we’re able to share advice with smaller ones and hear about what the larger ones are doing.  We’re always pleased to hear that big publishers are often faced with comparable challenges to ours, and that we have all come up with similar solutions.
Cambridge companions?!

I’ll leave you with an excellent tip from the speaker from Cambridge University Press who was speaking about Google and search results.  She informed us that they have had enquiries from lonely hearts believing that “Cambridge Companions” is a dating site!


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