Personal safety workshop


Last week we had the opportunity to have a training session with Tracy Johnson on de-escalation techniques and how to avoid potential conflicts. Although we all hope never to use these strategies, it was really useful to know how to get out of any nasty situations.

While the main aim of the session was to teach us how to avoid conflict, Tracy also showed us how to defend ourselves if we are ever physically threatened. Tommi kindly volunteered to be thrown to the floor by Tracy as she demonstrated her self-defence skills.

Although it was obviously a serious topic, we had a lot of fun practising our self-defence moves on each other. It was a really useful and interesting session and I think we all came away thinking differently about the way we behave. From now on we will all be alert when walking around and will be more prepared for any confrontation.

Tommi in a headlock
Tracy fighting Tommi
Tracy threatening Tommi with a knife







For more information about Tracy and the training she offers just take a look at her website Brainbox Coaching.

Channel View with Ninja Tracy

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