Supporting the International Book Bank

We recently made a donation of our books to a charity called International Book Bank. IBB is a non-profit organisation based in Baltimore, USA whose mission is to provide developing countries with books and other educational resources with the aim of increasing literacy. The IBB believes that by donating these books they can really change the lives of those who receive them. You might think that a simple book can’t really change someone’s life but for people who don’t have access to a library or who can’t read and write these resources can really make a difference. The IBB sends all kinds of books to the people who need them most: children’s books, literature, and textbooks at the primary, secondary, or tertiary levels, in English, Spanish, or French.

Publishers are encouraged to donate their excess stock to the charity who will ship the books to places where they are needed. The IBB only works with recipients who have been certified as non-profit organisations. It ships books to recipients all over the world including Africa, Asia, East Europe, the Caribbean, Central and Latin America. Their most recent shipments have been to South Africa, the Philippines, Rwanda, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Burkino Faso, Uganda and Guyana.

If you would like to support the International Book Bank or would like further information about the organisation please visit their website at: You can also follow them on Twitter @IntlBookBank.

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