The Ton Vallen Award

We are honoured to announce our support for the Ton Vallen award set up by Tilburg University. This award will be given to the author of an article on sociolinguistic and educational issues in multicultural societies which was published in a journal in 2011. Authors must have obtained their PhD within the last 5 years and must submit their article by 1 July 2012, with the winner to be announced in September 2012. The winner will receive Multilingual Matters books as a prize.

The award was set up in memory of Ton Vallen who was Professor of Multilingualism and Education at Tilburg University. Vallen, who sadly died in 2011, was dedicated to the study of the complex issues of language in education in a society increasingly characterized by linguistic and cultural diversity and this award aims to honour his life and scholarship.

This award intends to advance research in this field and to encourage young postdoctoral researchers who often struggle to gain recognition and career opportunities. The award committee is made up of Jan Blommaert (chair), Guus ExtraSjaak KroonAd BackusJeanne KurversNancy Hornberger and Jens-Normann Jörgensen.

For further details please see the website:

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