Communication and presentation skills training with Tracy

Tracy Johnson

Recently we had the chance to improve our communication and presentation skills with another training session from Tracy Johnson. The session focused on becoming more assertive and self-aware when communicating with others and avoiding awkward and potentially aggressive conversations.

We also covered presentation skills and Tracy gave us plenty of good tips for speaking in public. We learnt that everyone, even the most experienced public speakers, suffers from nerves and anyone who says they don’t is probably lying! Tracy also gave us some helpful hints on preparing for a speech covering everything from checking your teeth for food before you start to ways of overcoming your nerves while speaking.

The Channel View team ready for training

At the end of the morning we all had to put our new-found knowledge into practice and make a short 2 minute presentation. We rose to the challenge successfully and overcame our nerves to show what we’d learnt.

It was a really useful training session and I think we all felt more confident in our communication and presentation skills by the end. Tracy is a great instructor as she doesn’t intimidate people by putting them on the spot and shares her own experiences and knowledge.

Laura and Elinor practising their presentation skills

For more information about Tracy and the training and coaching she offers take a look at her website Brainbox Coaching.

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