Ebooks and CoreSource

MM/CVP have partnered with CoreSource to ensure you get our ebooks faster! CoreSource is Ingram’s digital asset management and distribution (DAM/DAD) service which saves a lot of my valuable-Production-Manager-time in sending metadata and files to each of the platforms/sites we sell our ebooks from.

Our ebooks are now available from 18 different vendors including Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Nook by Barnes & Noble, Kobo, eBooks.com, and for libraries EBL, ebrary, EBSCOhost, DawsonEra and MyiLibrary. Our chapters are available to purchase for use in course packs at AcademicPub – we now have chapters for over 150 titles available so go and visit!

Often ebooks can be purchased before they’re available in print so do look out for them if you can’t wait to read one of our many fascinating titles!

For more information on our ebooks please visit the ebooks page on our website or if you have any queries please email info@channelviewpublications.com.

One thought on “Ebooks and CoreSource

  1. Good to hear that u have such lovely titles coming out. Keep up the good work & very happy to be a part of this prestigious group.


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