New Edition of Natural Area Tourism by David Newsome, Susan Moore and Ross Dowling

This month we are publishing a revised edition of Natural Area Tourism by David Newsome, Susan A. Moore and Ross K. Dowling. The first edition came out in 2001 and is our bestselling tourism title. The new edition is fully updated and includes new sections on the following aspects:

  • the implications of climate change
  • adventure activities in protected areas
  • geotourism
  • examples from Asia on managing the tourism industry and management effectiveness
  • inadequate protected area security
  • new developments in monitoring such as remote sensing and the use of GIS
  • the use of electronic educational resources in delivering interpretation
  • mountain biking
  • a comprehensive review of the new literature

The book illustrates all aspects of natural area tourism commencing with the nature of tourism and the fundamentals of ecology through to tourism impacts, planning, management and the monitoring of biophysical and social conditions as they relate to ecotourism.

The text will be essential reading for higher level undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers in tourism and environmental management, tourism industry professionals, policy makers, planners and managers in natural area management and government agency employees.

It can be used as a key text on courses in a range of disciplines including tourism, environmental science, geography, planning and regional studies.

Steve McCool of the University of Montana, USA says: “The book should be in every tourism researcher’s library.” Similarly, Brent Lovelock from the University of Otago, New Zealand calls it “an excellent resource for students, teachers, researchers and practitioners of nature-based tourism.”

For more information on this book or any of our other tourism titles please see our website.

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