10 tips on submitting a book proposal

We receive hundreds of book proposals every year so it is really important that we have the essential information about the book so we’re able to make our decision. Our proposal guidelines set out exactly what we need to know at this stage so it is important to follow them carefully. You can find the guidelines on our website.

Books10 Tips

1. Make sure we are the right publisher for your book before you send the proposal. Please tell us if you are submitting to multiple publishers simultaneously.

2. Submit proposals by email not post.

3. State which series you think your book would be suitable for.

4. Follow our notes on submitting a book proposal carefully, answering all the questions in a clear, concise manner.

5. Proposals should not be longer than 4 or 5 pages. A full CV is not necessary – only a brief one which gives your most recent affiliation and important publications.

6. Define the possible readership accurately and realistically.

7. Please take time to research competing and complementary titles. If there are already several titles on the market in the same area we need to know why yours is going to be different or better.

8. Try to make the book appeal to a wider audience. Case studies should always be compared to and referred to other, preferably international, research on the subject.

9. If your book is based on a PhD, it must be completely re-written to fit a book format. For more advice on this please see the information on our website.

10. When submitting your final manuscript, follow our guidelines carefully. Please pay particular attention to references.

If you have a query about submitting proposals please contact the appropriate commissioning editor.

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