A day in the life of an intern

Tom hard at work
Tom hard at work

Our current intern Thomas Williams tells us a bit about what the position involves…

As I’d been interested in a career in academic publishing, last year whilst at university I emailed Tommi, the Managing Director, about any possible work experience. Whilst at the time they weren’t able to offer a placement, they did invite me over for an afternoon in the office to sit in on an editorial meeting, which was really interesting.

A few months later I received an email from Tommi about an internship here – which I decided to apply for.

Before I began, I thought ‘intern’ was a euphemism for ‘person who makes coffee and shuffles paper around’. But that was wrong (because everyone here prefers to drink tea and most documents are on the computer system). Sure, it is mainly administrative, but then there is a lot of admin in publishing!

Day-to-day I deal with incoming emails and post, keep the in-house database up to date, process royalty payments and liaise with referees for the manuscript review process.

I’m not stuck doing the same repetitive tasks every day. As a small company, I’ve had a chance to undertake tasks in or shadow pretty much every aspect of publishing: the commissioning and editorial stages, production, marketing, permissions, foreign rights and getting involved in the weekly editorial meetings.

Channel View Publications has been a great company to work with, and I’ve had a great time working with Tommi, Sarah, Anna, Elinor and Laura. I genuinely look forward to Monday mornings here, which I think says a lot! The last two months here has flown by.

So, what next? I know I’d like to pursue a career in academic publishing, but I have no set plans exactly where I want to go. I’ll just keep my eye out for another exciting job somewhere. But I’ve had a great time here, and gained a lot of experience in a lot of different aspects of publishing – so I guess I’ve got a good start!

If you’re interested in applying for an internship here, keep an eye out on the careers page, which is updated from time to time with any new opportunities.

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