Family Language Learning

This month we published Family Language Learning by Christine Jernigan which is a practical guide on how to teach your children another language when you are not a native speaker of the foreign language yourself.

Family Language LearningWhen I told people I was going to speak Portuguese (a language I was still trying to learn) to my newborn, they thought I was nuts. But it had to be possible—I could just read up on the subject and follow the instructions, right? What a shock to find there was little advice for parents who don’t speak the language as a native language.

So I started interviewing bilingual people myself—parents, teachers, grandparents, foster parents—and it was fascinating to hear how they handled naysayers who thought it unwise or impossible for non-native speakers to raise a child bilingually.

Family Language Learning: Learn Another Language, Raise Bilingual Children opens the door for you to speak another language with your child even if you’re not a native or fluent speaker. Written in a conversational tone with humor throughout, you’ll find out how to:
• Learn the language better yourself
• Choose a method that fits your lifestyle
• Increase motivation—yours and your child’s
• Talk and play to learn
• Read and write a little or a lot
• Travel—going beyond just seeing the sights
• Meet challenges with creative solutions

Join me for an exciting ride of becoming a bilingual family!

If you would like further information about the book please see our website or take a look at Christine’s YouTube channel:

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