Simone Pfenninger joins David Singleton as joint Series Editor for our SLA series

Recent books published in our SLA series
Recent books published in our SLA series

A couple of years ago readers of the blog may have seen our piece Random thoughts on the SLA series – now a vintage product which David Singleton wrote to celebrate 10 years of the Multilingual Matters Second Language Acquisition series.  Since then, the series has continued to grow and recent exciting additions to the series include Theorizing and Analyzing Agency in Second Language Learning edited by Ping Deters et al, Consciousness and Second Language Learning by John Truscott and Motivational Dynamics in Language Learning edited by Zoltán Dörnyei, Peter D. MacIntyre and Alastair Henry.

Simone Pfenninger
Simone Pfenninger

However, recent exciting additions to the SLA series do not stop at books!  We are delighted to announce that Simone Pfenninger has accepted our invitation to join David Singleton as Co-editor of our Second Language Acquisition series. Simone works in the English Department at the University of Zurich and researches in the areas of multilingualism, psycholinguistics and the age factor in SLA, especially in regard to quantitative approaches and statistical methods and techniques for language application in education. She is currently conducting research into early vs. late learning of multiple foreign languages and the cognitive and psycholinguistic mechanisms that drive language change. To better understand the contextualized processes involved in the learning of several languages over the course of mandatory school time, she typically uses longitudinal designs and multilevel modeling. She has been involved in EFL in Switzerland for ten years at different levels: secondary school, adult education, higher education, language policy, and assessment of processes and outcomes in language education.

David Singleton
David Singleton

I first met Simone in person at the Psychology and Language Learning Conference in Graz last year but David and Simone have known each other longer than that. They became acquainted in recent years at international conferences on second language learning and on multilingualism. With their research interests converging around such topics as age factor and cross-linguistic influence, they have in the last few months had a joint book proposal accepted and have been collaborating on several articles and plenary conference papers. They have also co-operated in the area of teaching and plan to expand this domain of their work together.

We are delighted that Simone has joined David on the SLA series and we are hoping that their strengths and interests will both complement each other and diversify our list. We are all looking forward to working together as the series continues to grow and flourish.

We would love to hear from anyone who is working in the field of SLA and who might be interested in writing a book for our series.  Please visit the proposals section on our website and contact Laura Longworth, the in-house acquisitions editor, directly.


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