Tourism Essentials

This year we have launched our new series Tourism Essentials which complements our existing tourism book series Aspects of Tourism, Tourism and Cultural Change and Aspects of Tourism Texts.

The new series aims to focus on key topics in the field of tourism studies and the books will provide an essential resource for tourism students and researchers.

Tourism and OilThe first book in the series is Tourism and Oil by Susanne Becken which was published in January. It is the first book to examine oil constraints and tourism and offers an analysis of the economic implications of increasing oil prices for tourism and discusses key dimensions relevant for tourism in a post peak oil world. Richard Butler describes it as “a measured and realistic appraisal of tourism in the future in relation to the availability or otherwise of oil.”

Tourism and WaterFollowing this, the next book in the series is Tourism and Water by Stefan Gössling, C. Michael Hall and Daniel Scott which was published earlier in April. This volume is a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between tourism and water. Michalis Hadjikakou from the University of New South Wales, Australia calls the book “a quintessential addition to the sustainable tourism literature.”

For more information about the series please see our website.

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