Getting to know the Channel View team: Kim

In this blog post, we get to know Kim! Kim joined CVP/MM at the beginning of 2014, initially as part-time maternity cover for Anna, and now, since Anna’s return, as a permanent member of the team. She relocated from Yorkshire, in the north of England, to work for us and she is our office guru for all things northern!

Kim running at a charity race in Weston-super-Mare
Kim running at a charity race in Weston-super-Mare

Moving to Bristol from rural Yorkshire must have been quite a change, do you miss having animals around, or have you brought any with you?

I do miss seeing the animals so often, although we brought two chickens with us from Yorkshire and they live happily in the back garden. It’s very funny to watch them try to keep the pigeons and seagulls out of their territory! I miss lambing time the most – my in-laws have a sheep farm so I loved being on hand to bottle feed and round up all the lambs. I frequently try to persuade my husband we could fit a sheep or two in the garden – he’s not having it!

Ha! I can just imagine the hens attempting to be bird security guards and the lambs must be really sweet! We know from the yummy cakes that you’ve brought to the office that the eggs are often put to good use. Aside from baking, are you creative in any other way?

I never thought I was very creative but as I’ve got older I’ve started to believe in my own ability a bit more and have recently been bitten by the sewing bug. I think it’s slowly becoming “cool” again –a surprising number of my friends have taken up sewing, and programmes like the Great British Sewing Bee are bringing it back into popular culture. I’m always making things for friends or for around the house – I spend way too much of my paycheck on fabric!

Oh yes, the fabric you used for our office bunting was really pretty! Have you got any ambitious future sewing (or otherwise) projects in mind?

There’s a lovely charity project called Dress a Girl Around the World, which sends homemade dresses to girls in developing countries. My friends and I are all making dresses to donate. My other project for 2015 has been to see all the Shaun in the City sculptures in Bristol this summer – it has fed my sheep obsession for a little while! This is one of the reasons I love living in Bristol – there are so many fun and innovative events like this in the city.

What a great idea, you’ll have to make sure you show us the final product when it’s done! I agree that Bristol is a great place to live. What’s been your favourite day out or activity that you’ve done while you’ve lived here?

Oh gosh, there’s too many to choose from! The waterslide down Park Street (part of the Make Sunday Special campaign) was a great day– lovely weather and the streets were full of people. The fireworks for the Clifton Suspension Bridge 150th anniversary were also fantastic, I felt proud to live in Bristol! My highlight was probably the hot air balloon festival though – it was stunning to watch them drift over the city. I wonder how easy it is to get a spot in one of the balloons – maybe Multilingual Matters should get its own balloon!

Now that would be awesome, let’s propose it to Tommi! One more question before we round up the interview with some quick-fire questions. Those of us who work with you in the office know you like karaoke and are often bopping along to whatever’s playing on the radio. I wonder if there’s a song that you would say best sums you up, or that is the only record you’d save from your collection?

Haha, I do like a good sing and dance! This is such a hard question – it really depends on my mood! As a child my favourite song was “It’s My Party” by Lesley Gore – my Dad said it was my anthem as I could be quite stroppy as a kid! As a Liverpool fan “You’ll Never Walk Alone” has to feature pretty high up the list too. But I think if I had to choose I’d pick “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds, or “Not Perfect” by Tim Minchin. You certainly couldn’t get up and dance to either, but they’re about being grateful for what you have and I think the lyrics are beautiful. I challenge you not to cry at either one!

A nice selection there and I won’t force you to choose just one! So, here goes with the quick-fire questions:

Ice-cream or cake? Cake – I love ice-cream too, but have sensitive teeth so cake is the more practical choice. And cake is quicker to make than ice-cream – so I get to eat it sooner!

Romance novel or detective fiction? Detective fiction – I’m not a fan of romance books! I love a good thriller though, and like a book that keeps me guessing.

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter – both have their place and purpose, but I certainly use Twitter more. Facebook is more visual I think, and I hate pictures of myself so don’t use it much!

City break or beach holiday? Beach – this one is easy! I’m at my happiest in the sun with a good book!

Early bird or night owl? Neither – I love my sleep!!!!! I’m pretty hopeless at both ends of the candle to be honest…

Zoo or aquarium? Zoo – I love animals and as long as they’re kept in good condition, I love visiting the zoo. Hippos are the absolute best.

Thanks Kim! Look out for posts about the rest of the team soon.

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