A-Z of Publishing: Y is for…

Y is for Young ScholarsY is for Young Scholars. We are proud to support young scholars, be that by giving talks to graduate students on publishing, chatting informally with them about their research at conferences or offering guidance as they publish their first chapter or even full length monograph with us. A few of our publications have their origins in PhD research however we are keen to stress that we do not publish PhDs in their PhD form. We expect such works to have been fully revised and restructured for publication for a book audience. When done well, such publications can be a very successful way of getting new and interesting research to a wider audience.

This post is part of our ‘A-Z of Publishing’ series which we will be posting every Monday throughout the rest of 2015. You can search the blog for the rest of the series or subscribe to the blog to receive an email as soon as the next post is published by using the links on the right of the page.

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