An A-Z of Publishing at Channel View Publications/Multilingual Matters

If you follow our blog regularly you may well have noticed that throughout the latter part of 2015 we’ve published an A-Z of our company and publishing with us. The last post was published in November and we hope that you enjoyed learning 26 nuggets of information about us! For those who missed out, here’s a round-up of all the letters – just click the link to be taken to that word’s short post.

A-Z of PublishingA is for Approachable.

B is for Blog.

C is for Clevedon.

D is for Directors

E is for Ebooks

F is for Frankfurt.

G is for Grover.

H is for Hardback.

I is for Imprint

J is for Journals.

K is for Korea

L is for Living Wage Employer.

M is for Marston Book Services

N is for Newsletter.

O is for Office.

P is for Proposals

Q is for Quiz.

R is for Review Process

S is for Series.

T is for Twitter

U is for UTP Distribution

V is for Visitors

W is for Website

X is for Xuesong (Andy) Gao.  

Y is for Young Scholars.  

Z is for Zagreb, Zurich, Zwickau

We hope that you have enjoyed learning a bit more about our company. If you have any further questions about what we do or about publishing with us, feel free to email us and we’ll do our best to respond.

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