Welcome Back Elinor!

This week we were very excited to welcome Elinor back to the office after a year away on maternity leave. In this post we catch up with her and find out how she’s feeling about her return to work!

Elinor with Rowan on his birthday

How have you found your maternity leave?

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to take a year off work to spend time at home with Rowan while he’s so little. It’s been a lot of fun but also a lot of hard work! I don’t think anything can fully prepare you for having a baby but it’s definitely worth it!

How does it feel coming back to work after a year away?

Although I’ve been off for over a year, it feels like I’ve never been away. We have all worked together for such a long time (in my case over 12 years!) that it feels like I’m just rejoining my Channel View ‘family’!

What have you missed and what are you looking forward to most about being back at work?

I have definitely missed my lovely colleagues and hearing the day-to-day gossip about what everyone is up to. I’m glad that I will be working on Fridays so that I can enjoy lunch out with everyone to keep up-to-date on everybody’s news. It will be nice to have a few days a week where I get to think about something other than nappies, mealtimes and naptimes.

What will you miss about maternity leave?

At the moment it takes a lot of effort to get out of the house every morning at 7:30 to catch the bus to work but I’m sure that I’ll get used to it! I will obviously miss Rowan but as I’m only working 2.5 days a week I will still be able to enjoy plenty of time with him.

Elinor is now working part time and her working hours are Wednesday mornings, and all day Thursday and Friday.

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