Tips for Working From Home

Following the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus, we are now all working from home. A few members of the team regularly work from home and are veterans of the practice, but for the rest of us it’s taking some getting used to! For anyone else who’s adjusting, we thought we’d put together some top tips for a successful day working at home.

  • Treat it like a normal working day as far as possible. Get up at the same time as usual and shower, get dressed etc. Don’t get your laptop out or scan through emails until your ‘start time’ in the morning, and when you finish for the day, put your laptop away.
  • If possible try to get some natural light and fresh air before you start work, even if it’s just leaning out of the window to drink your tea.
  • Have a designated working space, ideally a desk, but definitely not your sofa or bed!
  • Get up and move around once an hour.
  • Try to get outside for a stroll at lunchtime and, if possible, repeat after work too.
  • Make sure your lighting is good to work by, ideally natural light near a window.
  • Drink plenty of water and have snacks on hand.
  • Depending on how efficient your heating/insulation is, it might be chillier at home than in the office. Make sure to layer up and invest in some good slippers!
  • Try to keep up communication with your colleagues as much as possible. We use an instant messaging platform to keep in touch with each other throughout the day.
  • If you’re missing the hubbub of working in an office, the radio can be a good substitute. You could also do a collaborative playlist with your colleagues that you all listen to at the same time, as we’re planning!
    Laura in her new home office set-up

    Take care everyone!

One thought on “Tips for Working From Home

  1. Nice advice,,, but
    – who needs a shower every morning? Waste of clean water. Think of what you might do if the water companies cannot deliver. Also, think of the incredible waste of water when the pipes are as bad as in UK…
    – if EVERYBODY goes out for their daily stroll at the same time (just before starting work, after lunch, or just after working hours) it may be more difficult to keep the distance from others that is recommended (varies, 1 metre in some countries, two in others) – especially in countries that are densely populated (such as UK – the area of Finland is bigger than UK but we have only 5.4 million people…).. Spread it out!

    But good that MANY people are thinking of this. – Our daily paper had today printable notes that you can send around in your neighbourhood or put up on the notice board in your block of flats where you say that you are willing to help out neighbours who need it with various tasks (food shopping etc etc) and you give your phone number of email. We already have neighbours who have offered that to those who are vulnerable, oldies like us.

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