Destination Dawlish: A Change of Location for our Head of Production

It’s all change in the MM/CVP office as Sarah, our Head of Production and Commissioning Editor of Channel View titles, is about to move back to her beloved hometown of Dawlish and will be working mostly from home from now on, with monthly visits to the office. We will really miss her and are very sad not to be seeing her on a daily basis. In this post we find out how she’s feeling about the big move…

What will you miss most about coming into the office every day?

My super wonderful colleagues/work family! 😊 We have a lot of fun in the office – I will miss Fridays especially when everyone is in with cakes/doughnuts and Spotify playlists. But will try to come up to Bristol for at least one Friday a month. I’ve worked with everyone (some longer than others!) for a number of years so I’m trying to prepare myself not to see their faces every day – it will be strange and not a welcome thought!

What will you miss about living in Bristol?

It’s a great city to live in – and I will miss many things about city life (including Uber and Deliveroo!) But for Bristol the street art and balloons will be missed. Just lucky I still get to visit regularly.

What are you most looking forward to about moving to Dawlish?

Being back with my crazy-big family will be lovely – and living by the sea again will be ace. I’ve missed it!

What do you think will be the biggest difference working mostly from home?

Well, there will be no-one forced to listen to my wittering apart from me so I will be monitoring sanity levels regularly 😊 I guess just the feeling of togetherness. Thankful for instant messaging though – should make it easier to stay in touch with colleagues and ask quick questions when necessary. Looking forward to sometimes working in my PJs if I feel like it – never felt it was appropriate in the office 🙂

Will you be bringing us scones on a monthly basis?

Of course! But you really have to put jam on first (even though it’s the Cornish way) and pronounce ‘scone’ properly.


We wish Sarah the best of luck with the move and are already looking forward to our first away day in Dawlish!

Getting to know the Channel View team: Elinor

In this blog post we get to know Elinor. Elinor is our Marketing Manager and celebrated 10 years of working for CVP/MM last summer. She was also a student here at the University of Bristol, where she studied German and Spanish, so she has lived in Bristol for even longer than that. She’s pretty good at knowing about new places to see and things to do in Bristol, so we’ll start by asking her about her favourite hobbies.

Ellie in a tree
Elinor enjoying the great outdoors

You’ve lived in Bristol for quite a few years now, what are your favourite things to do in the city (aside from working for CVP/MM that is!)?

There is always so much going on in Bristol that there is always something to see and do. But I think my favourite things to do are wandering along the harbourside or through Ashton Court stopping off for coffee and cake along the way.

The harbourside area is one of my favourite places too and Ashton Court is such a lovely green space, those sound like good suggestions to me, especially if accompanied by coffee and cake! You must have quite a sweet tooth then, do you do much baking at home?

Yes I love to bake cakes and biscuits and once I even worked my way through a book of 101 cake recipes in a year. It was fun but pretty hard work to bake 2 cakes a week for a year but my friends and colleagues really enjoyed sampling the results! With several keen bakers in the office we quite often have delicious home-baked treats to get us through our long meetings!

Ellie showing off her baking skills
Elinor showing off her baking skills

I remember that year well, I think I had to do double the amount of exercise to burn off the calories from all your delicious cake! I’m guessing your bookshelves are lined with lots of cookery books, but are you also a big reader of fiction, or any other genre?

Ha! Yes fortunately the excess of cake didn’t affect our waistlines too much! As well as the many baking recipe books I pore over on a regular basis, I love to read fiction and get through several books a month. Although I mostly read contemporary fiction, I also appreciate the odd classic and enjoy nothing more than spending a good hour or so in the library picking new books to read. In fact, it’s getting to the point where my shelves at home are overflowing with unread books but I still can’t stop myself acquiring more!

It’s good to be keeping libraries busy too! Do you have any favourite books or authors to recommend?

This is a tricky one, I have so many favourites! One of my all-time favourite books is Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter. The best book I have read recently is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

I agree that selecting a favourite book is very difficult!  So, one final question before we do some quick-fire ones to round up the interview, if you could be a character in a (fiction) book, who might you choose to be?

Ooh that’s really difficult! Although I like the idea of being in a Jane Austen novel and going to balls, I think that being a woman in that era would be a bit too restrictive for my liking! Might be fun to try out for a day though.

A day would certainly be fun!  Just a few more questions and then you’re done:

Cakes or biscuits? Too difficult. I refuse to answer. Both play such an important role in my life, it would be like choosing your favourite child!

Rural or urban? Again, a very difficult question. I love living in a city but enjoy escaping to the countryside for walks.

Dancing or singing? Singing

Board games or card games? Board games

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

Motorbike or pushbike? Cycling on a normal bike is scary enough at times! I wouldn’t dream of getting on a motorbike.

Antique or modern? Modern

A-Z of Publishing: V is for…

V is for VisitorsV is for Visitors. We love having visitors pop into our office in Bristol and are always happy to put the kettle on to have a cup of tea with an author or contact. We have even had manuscripts hand-delivered in the past, so if you’re ever planning to be in Bristol do let us know!

This post is part of our ‘A-Z of Publishing’ series which we will be posting every Monday throughout the rest of 2015. You can search the blog for the rest of the series or subscribe to the blog to receive an email as soon as the next post is published by using the links on the right of the page.

New catalogues!

We have just printed our beautiful new catalogues which will be arriving with you very soon if you’re on our mailing list. (If you’re not currently on our mailing list just drop us an email at to be added.)

We always try to find eye-catching images for the covers and they are usually related to Bristol or the local area. This year we chose a couple of images from Fruitsalad Photographic. The Multilingual Matters catalogue features Bristol Bridge which is just next to our office and the Channel View Publications catalogue has a picture of Easton, an area of Bristol.

To view our catalogues online just click on the following links:

Multilingual Matters Catalogue 2012-2013
Channel View Publications Catalogue 2012-2013

If you have any questions about our latest catalogues please get in touch at

Olympic Torch lights up Bristol!

Channel View/Multilingual Matters team

In preparation for the 2012 Olympics in London the Olympic Torch is currently winding its way around Britain, going to within 10 miles of 95% of the UK population.  Yesterday was Bristol’s turn to welcome the torch so after work we headed out into the glorious sunshine to join the excitement.

Not long to wait now!

Sarah, Ellie, Tommi and I made our way to Castle Park, just opposite our office, in good time…we set up camp at 5pm, with the flame not due to pass until 6.45pm.  The park soon filled up though, and by the time we were joined by friends and Sarah’s sister we were glad to have spread our large conference tablecloth (a novel use for it!) out early.

Olympic Torch bearer in Castle Park, Bristol

All the torch bearers have either been nominated by their community or are celebrated athletes.  Skeleton racer Amy Williams, who won Britain’s first individual gold medal at a Winter Olympics for 30 years, was one of the torch bearers on the route to Bristol, and the cauldron at the evening party was lit by Blaire Hannan, a member of the British Paralympic Transition Squad.  You can read more about them by clicking on their names above.

Today, the torch left Bristol bright and early and headed out into North Somerset (although sadly not to Clevedon!) before looping back into the city over the Clifton Suspension Bridge and heading out of the north of the Bristol.  I took a detour on my way to work and was lucky enough to get a good view of the torch crossing the bridge, accompanied by fireworks, biodegradable streamers and loud bangs!

The Olympic Torch being carried over the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

Summertime at Channel View

It’s finally summertime here and we’re all trying to make the most of the rare days of sunshine! The summer can be a quiet time for academic publishers as many researchers are on holiday or making the most of the vacation and not having to teach their students. However, the Channel View team will be busy beavering away (inbetween our own holidays of course!) and getting ready for the start of the new academic year. We will be preparing our new catalogues as well as making arrangements for forthcoming conferences.

In August Tommi is attending the 16th World Congress of Applied Linguistics (AILA) in Beijing. China is a really big market for us and as AILA is an important conference it is essential that we attend. While he is there Tommi will be meeting with our Chinese rep to discuss our strategy for the Chinese market. He will report back on how the conference goes later in the summer.

Meanwhile, we have three important European conferences to prepare for in September. Firstly, there’s the British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL) conference. This year it’s just down the road at the University of the West of England so we don’t need to travel far to get there! Next is the 21st Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA) which is in Stockholm, Sweden this year. Our publishing assistant Laura will be staffing our stand at EUROSLA so do go and see her and take a look at our new books. When Tommi has recovered from his trip to China he will be heading to the Seventh International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism (L3) which this year will be in Warsaw, Poland. We sponsor the Best Student Paper Prize at the L3 conference so the winner will be awarded their choice of €100 of Multilingual Matters books. That takes us up to the end of September and after that we will be preparing for the Frankfurt Book Fair.

So that’s what we’ll be doing for the next couple of months. Also, with 4 out of 5 of the Channel View team having their birthdays in August, we generally end up eating an awful lot of birthday cake throughout the summer!

Channel View Crawlers

It’s been over a month since we last posted on our blog, but don’t worry, apart from the excitement of the Royal Wedding, we do have a good excuse for it!  Tommi, Sarah and Laura have all been busy training for the Bristol 10km run which took place yesterday.  The 10km run is an annual event here in Bristol and on one cold day in February Anna convinced us it would be a good idea to enter into the business section as the “Channel View Crawlers”.  Sarah was away at the CAUTHE conference in Australia, so imagine her surprise when she received an email to say that she’d been entered!

Having munched our way across much of America at conferences this spring we were feeling a little lethargic so Sarah proposed a training session after work last week.  Here is a photo of us in the office before we headed out.  Don’t we look athletic?!

Tommi, Sarah and Laura in training

The big day dawned and we excitedly/nervously made our way to the start line.  The professional runners start at the front of the pack, with the rest of us, around 10,000 entrants, behind.  Because of the way they filter the runners through, the winner of the race had actually finished before we even crossed the start line!  We all enjoyed the run, especially having Ellie and Tommi’s parents, Mike and Marjukka, on the sidelines cheering us on and distracting us from the pain of the race itself!

We are all really pleased with our results, Tommi stormed in first with an excellent time of 52 minutes, Laura and Sarah followed, both with personal bests.  Mike and Marjukka met us at the finish and took this photo of three rather tired but happy runners!  Now we just have to decide whether to enter the half marathon in September…watch this space!

Tired but happy!