Publishing FAQs: Info Box Queries

Every day we receive a wide variety of queries to our Info box. These come from all over the world from authors, customers, booksellers and more. In this post Alice provides answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Alice ready to answer all your queries

I want to order some books but I’ve forgotten my discount code/I don’t know how to use it!

You’ve come to the right place – I can check if you’re using the right code and correct it for you if not. In order to use your code you need to enter it exactly as you received it (capital letters and all), into the box titled ‘Promotion code’ when you get to the online checkout. Click the ‘Apply’ button and you should immediately see the discount applied.

I ordered a book and it hasn’t arrived, when will I receive it?

How long a book takes to be delivered varies depending on where it’s going. We have a rough guideline as to how long a book should take to reach certain parts of the world. For the UK, it should be with you in 5-7 days, Europe 2-3 weeks, USA and Canada 2 weeks and the rest of the world 2-3 weeks. If your book still hasn’t arrived after the estimated time, email us at info for more information. I’ll be able to look on our system to see if the book has been despatched and whether there were any issues along the way.

I ordered an inspection copy and now I want to adopt the book, how do I do this?

If you’ve already been in touch to request an inspection copy and are now hoping to adopt the book for your course, I will need a small amount of information for our records. Please let me know the name of your institution and the course you are running; how many students will be taking the course; the dates it will run and its level. If you originally received an ebook, I can then send you a hard copy for your desk and if you already have a hard copy, it is then yours to keep!

Can you provide me with a book in a format that is accessible for visually or print impaired students?

Absolutely. We are able to provide University Disability Support Services with an e-file that can be converted into a suitable format for visually or print impaired students. Just email the info box with the book that is required and I can sort this out for you.

You have changed your distributors, who are they now?

That’s right, we changed both our distributors last year, so any orders that you place on our website or at a conference will now go through our new distributors. For the UK, Europe and the rest of world, except as follows, our distributors are NBNi, who can be contacted on, and for the USA, Canada, Central and South America, it is NBN, who can be contacted on

How can I get the latest book news?

If you’d like to be kept up to date with our latest releases and book news, you can sign up to our mailing list on our website or if you prefer, simply email me your name, email and address and I can add you to our mailing list myself. Be sure to let me know what you’re interested in (Language Arts/Tourism Studies/Creative Writing Studies/Translation Studies etc) and we’ll keep you informed with a relevant newsletter and mailings! Another great way to stay in touch is to check out our Twitter (MM and CVP) and Facebook (MM and CVP) accounts where we regularly post relevant news, new books and blog posts. And of course, you can also subscribe to get new posts from this blog straight to your inbox by signing up here.

I’m thinking about submitting a book proposal, how do I go about this?

Great! If you’re an author who hasn’t submitted a proposal with us before, you may not know that we have a set of guidelines for all authors to follow – this helps to make the process of considering your proposal as smooth as possible. At the bottom of that page you can find who to send your proposal to, or alternatively send it to the info box and I will ensure that it reaches the right person! If the proposal looks to be of interest to us, we will schedule it for discussion at our next in-house editorial meeting and if it is positively received, it will then be sent on to the appropriate academic editor of the book series or an external reviewer. You can find more information about the publishing process with us here.

Feel free to contact us with any queries you might have at

Paying a visit to our new distributor, NBN International

Last week we took a day out of the office and made the two hour road trip down to Plymouth to visit our new distributor, NBN International (NBNi). NBNi takes care of the storage and shipping of our books destined for customers in the UK and all over the world (except the Americas, which is handled by their American counterpart, National Book Network). We are in constant contact with the orders and customer services teams and regularly email our contacts, Juliette and Matt, with queries as we settle in to the workings of a new distributor, so I was looking forward to meeting everyone and putting faces to names.

Anna and Flo reaching dizzying heights on the forklift
Anna and Flo reaching dizzying heights on the forklift

The team at NBNi gave us a very warm welcome and while Tommi, Sarah and Laura had a meeting with Juliette and Ian about ASR (Automatic Stock Replenishment), Anna and I were taken on a tour of the warehouse and offices by Matt, our designated contact at NBNi. The tour started by navigating the maze of shelves that house the slower-moving books and then we were taken through to the packing section, where we caught our first glimpse of one of our own titles, The Darker Side of Travel, waiting to be packaged up and sent out. Next, we went through to the bulk store section of the warehouse, filled with boxes of books on shelves that reached 10 metres high. This provided the highlight of the day when Anna and I were allowed to ride one of the forklifts (kindly supervised by its driver) up to the topmost shelves. We were originally blasé when asked if we were afraid of heights, but being 10 metres up felt a lot higher from the air than it looked from the ground!

Anna's spotted our books!
Anna’s spotted our books!

Having set our feet back on firm ground, we made our way back past the packing area, were mesmerised by a plastic wrapping robot described by its operator as ‘poetry in motion’, met the warehouse manager and then went up to the mezzanine level of the warehouse to get a better view of the place. There were bookshelves as far as the eye could see and we spotted somebody dusting the top row, which has to be done every day to ensure the stored books are kept in good, saleable condition. On our way back down, we stumbled across a big chunk of shelving filled with our books, which provided a a perfect opportunity for Anna to have a photo with Principles and Practices of Teaching English as an International Language. We then popped in to see the print on demand service, where some of our books are set up, before it was time to head back upstairs to meet the orders and customer services team, who deal with our requests on a day-to-day basis.

Books as far as the eye can see
Books as far as the eye can see

We all met up again for lunch (there was a lot of jealousy at the news of our forklift ride) and soon it was time to hit the road. There was just enough time to fit in a quick detour to Dawlish to drop in on Sarah’s parents, who greeted us with delicious scones from their local tearooms, before heading back to Bristol.

This trip was a great opportunity to meet our new colleagues at NBNi and get a feel for how everything works there. We’re looking forward to working with them in 2017 and beyond!


A-Z of Publishing: M is for…

M is for Marston Book ServicesM is for Marston Book Services. Marston Book Services is one of our two book distributors. In their warehouse in Abingdon, near Oxford, UK they hold a huge amount of our stock – numbers range from well over a thousand copies of our bestselling book Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism to a single copy of several very old titles. Any customer buying books for shipment to the UK, Europe or the Rest of the World (excluding North America) will receive their copy and invoice from this distributor.

This post is part of our ‘A-Z of Publishing’ series which we will be posting every Monday throughout the rest of 2015. You can search the blog for the rest of the series or subscribe to the blog to receive an email as soon as the next post is published by using the links on the right of the page.

Marston Visit November 2014

As a new member of the Channel View team, I knew that a trip to visit our distributor, Marston Book Services, would be on the cards at some point. Last week we left Kim and Sarah to hold the fort and Elinor, Laura, Tommi and I set off bright and early for the hour and a half drive to Oxfordshire.

The giant shelves in the warehouse
The giant shelves in the warehouse

Marston is in charge of shipping books to all our customers, both in the UK and around the world (apart from the US and Canada which are taken care of by UTP, our distributor for North America). From my very first day working at Channel View I’ve sent emails to Marston on a daily basis, whether it’s forwarding inspection copy requests to be processed, querying orders or asking for quotes for booksellers from all over the world. As a result, I had a picture of what Marston must be like, including Nicky who I’d been addressing all my emails to, and I was really looking forward to seeing how accurate it was!

Laura, Tommi, Elinor and Flo with one of our books in the warehouse
Laura, Tommi, Elinor and Flo with one of our books in the warehouse

When we arrived at Marston we were greeted by Nicky and cups of tea and coffee (an excellent start to any trip) and after a quick catch-up, we headed through to the warehouse for a tour with Tracy. I had some idea of what a warehouse would look like (possibly based on trips to Ikea…) but I don’t think I had quite anticipated the size of the warehouse at Marston. We were also struck by how quiet it was – I think we were expecting lots of shouting, people whizzing around on fork lifts and throwing boxes to one another, but it all seemed very calm. As we passed the first few shelves of books it was a surprise for me to see that our books weren’t all stored together, but could be found all over the warehouse- this provided a few exciting moments when we spotted one of our titles in amongst the rest!

Tracy started out by showing us the handheld scanners they all use (a bit like the kind you get in supermarkets) which help them to keep track of the whereabouts and status of all the books and orders in the warehouse. We saw the packing area for individual customer orders and were then taken downstairs to see the orders being packed (much to Tommi’s disappointment we weren’t allowed to slide down the chute for books and had to take the stairs). The tour finished in the area where returned books are processed and we were reassured that Channel View wasn’t providing them with too much work! Watching the fork lift go all the way up to the (very high) ceiling to get the books down from the top-most shelves was a good way to wrap things up, and then there was just time for a photo opportunity with one of our books before lunch.

One of our titles waiting to be sent out to a customer
One of our titles waiting to be sent out to a customer

After lunch we were able to meet people from the finance department and those in charge of client and trade orders. It was great to be able to put faces to names and finally meet the people who get a stream of emails from us every day! This trip was a wonderful opportunity for me, as someone new to the world of publishing, to see how our distributor works and to find out first-hand the process involved in getting orders ready for shipment worldwide. Now, when I pass on inspection copy requests or query an order, I can imagine the team at Marston, from the client orders department right through to the packers in the warehouse, making sure our customers from all over the world receive their books.