An Interview with Tej Vir Singh, editor of Challenges in Tourism Research

This month we published Challenges in Tourism Research, a comprehensive volume in which renowned scholars discuss contemporary debates within the field of tourism studies. The book is based on ‘Research Probes’ originally published in the journal Tourism Recreation Research. In this post the editor of the book, Tej Vir Singh, answers a few questions about the book.

Critical Debates in TourismWhat makes the ‘Research Probe’ format of this book so unique?
Intelligent use of collective wisdom of known multi-disciplinary scholars, strategic application of elenctic approach (debates, discussions and discourse), quintessential knowledge at one place, interesting readability, and direction for future research.

How does this book complement the previous volume Critical Debates in Tourism?
It complements Critical Debates in Tourism by identifying leftover problems (vast tourism cannot be confined to one volume) – more, it meets the needs of freshers and juniors.

What is your next research project?
Ah!! Next project? Possibly a magnum opus of tourism….

What do you find rewarding about editing books?
The joy of creation and dissemination of knowledge plus scholars’ satisfaction with the book.

What advice would you offer to other academics editing their first book?
They should identify the demand of the curricula and market needs; it might be better that they undertake a preliminary training course in editing.

How would you compare the experiences of writing a book and writing a journal article?
Almost the same – just like writing story or a drama.

Do you find that the role of books in the tourism research community has changed over the years? Are they valued more or less today than they were a decade ago?
Can’t say precisely, but I can speak about tourism, where books are more valued than the journals, specially in the Third World.

9781845413415For more information about the book please see our website. You might also be interested in Critical Debates in Tourism.

Critical Debates in Tourism

Today marks the publication of Critical Debates in Tourism edited by Tej Vir Singh which is a comprehensive volume encompassing the key issues in tourism research. Tej Vir Singh is the founding Director of the Centre for Tourism Research and Development in Lucknow, India and established the Centre’s international journal Tourism Recreation Research.

This new volume brings together the key researchers in the field and provides a multidisciplinary examination of the fundamental debates of tourism studies. It covers topics ranging from the relevance of mass tourism, voluntourism, slow tourism, the impact of climate change, the dilemma of authenticity as well as tourism ethics. This book is unique in its format and will be an essential resource for tourism scholars and practitioners.

Noel Scott from the University of Queensland calls it: “A must for those wanting to get to grips with the key tourism debates” and John Tribe from the University of Surrey describes the volume as ” a fascinating book…highly recommended.”

Critical Debates in Tourism is part of our Aspects of Tourism series which aims to provide readers with the latest thinking on tourism world-wide and to push back the frontiers of tourism knowledge. For more information on this series or to discuss ideas for a proposal please contact the commissioning editor Elinor Robertson.

Lecturers who are considering using the book for the courses they’re teaching can order an inspection copy of the book by clicking here.

For further information on this title or any other books on tourism studies please see our website.