Communication Disorders Across Languages

International Perspectives on Voice DisordersOur Communication Disorders Across Languages series covers all aspects of speech and communication disorders focusing both on specific languages (such as Finnish, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese) and also on the multilingual aspects of voice disorders, aphasia and other speech sound disorders.

The latest book in this series, International Perspectives on Voice Disorders edited by Edwin M-L. Yiu, comes out this week and provides a state-of-the-art account of voice research and issues in clinical voice practice. This book is the first of its kind bringing together cutting-edge research and clinic-based practice.

Robert T. Sataloff, M.D., of Drexel University College of Medicine, USA, calls the book “an exceptional compendium of insights and opinions provided by voice experts from around the world.” He claims that it “provides a unique vision of current concepts in voice care and research, as well as guidance on questions that require future study.”

The series is edited by Nicole Müller and Martin Ball who are based at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and are both experts in communication disorders and multilingualism and who assess each book as it comes in.

This latest book is the 9th volume in the series and you can see the list of all books in the series below:

Books on general aspects of language disorders:
Multilingual Aspects of Speech Sound Disorders in Children edited by Sharynne McLeod and Brian Goldstein
Multilingual Aspects of Fluency Disorders edited by Peter Howell and John Van Borsel
Assessing Grammar edited by Martin Ball, David Crystal and Paul Fletcher
Aspects of Multilingual Aphasia edited by Martin R. Gitterman, Mira Goral and Loraine K. Obler

Books on language disorders in specific languages:
Communication Disorders in Turkish edited by Seyhun Topbaş and Mehmet Yavaş
Language Disorders in Speakers of Chinese edited by Sam-Po Law, Brendan Weekes and Anita M-Y Wong
Research in Logopedics edited by Anu Klippi and Kaisa Launonen
Communication Disorders in Spanish Speakers edited by José G. Centeno, Raquel T. Anderson and Loraine K. Obler

CDAL covers

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